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Why Now Is the Time to Book Your Storm Damage Roof Inspection

There’s Still Time to Book an Inspection

The Dayton area was hit with a lot of unusual severe weather this year, including tornados and large hail storms. The clock to file an insurance claim is ticking. If you’d still like to file a claim, schedule a storm damage roof inspection with your local roofing professionals now. Clearly understanding the weather damage done to your roof will ease your insurance claims process.

How Long Do You Have to File a Storm Damage Claim for Your Roof?

Most insurance policies require claims to be filed within one year of when damage occurred. However, policies do vary so we recommend contacting your insurer as quickly as possible to avoid missing the deadline. Regardless of the official timeline, the longer you wait on a roof inspection and repair, the larger the risk of not being able to get coverage. 

You want to get in touch with your go-to roofing contractors as soon as damage occurs. After a storm passes, contact a local roofing company to schedule an inspection. While severe roof damage is visible, professionals will take note of unseen damage that isn’t as obvious to an untrained eye. JW Roofing has years of experience assisting customers with storm damage repair. We provide thorough inspections of your entire roofing system– the exterior surface, the flashing, the drainage system and more. The team at JW Roofing will explain and point out all damage found, which will be helpful when filing your insurance claim. We can also offer advice on when to file a claim and when to pay out of pocket.

What Happens After a Storm Damage Roof Inspection?

After your storm damage roof inspection, you will likely file an insurance claim. Working with a roofing contractor who has a good understanding of the relevant insurance processes in Ohio is always a good idea. They will be able to guide you about roofing insurance claims, though they cannot file the claim for you or deal directly with your insurance. Dealing with an insurance company can be stressful, so it’s important to find a roofing company you can trust.  JW Roofing aims to be your go-to roofing company for peace of mind and trustworthy inspections. We provide quality roofing work, superior customer service and years of experience working with customers making insurance claims. If you’re in the Dayton area, get in touch with one of our professionals today.

How to Find a Quality Roofing Company

Finding a company you can trust requires a bit of work upfront. However, putting in the time to find an experienced roofer will pay off in the long run! Above all, we recommend hiring a local company to handle any roofing service. Whether it is a simple repair or a full roof replacement, it’s better to turn to a neighbor than a fly-by-night roofer. Local companies are experienced, invested members of your community. Here are a few signs of a quality roofer:

JW Roofing is a family-owned, full-service company who has been serving the Dayton area for years. Our crew knows a lot about what works (and what doesn’t work) in the area. We bring reliable knowledge, familiarity with the local climate and procedures and a commitment to our craft. 

Don’t Delay, Give JW Roofing a Call Before It’s too Late

Completing a storm damage roofing inspection now will help you determine if you should make an insurance claim. Once an inspection is completed and damage is confirmed, contact your insurance company. An adjuster will schedule a time to inspect your property and assess the storm damage. The experts at JW Roofing will be happy to point out the damage your roof has sustained to the adjuster! Book an inspection now before it’s too late!

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