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Commercial Roofing Contractors

Skilled Commercial Roofing Contractor in Dayton, Ohio

From commercial roof maintenance, repair or full on replacement, JW Roofing is Dayton's favorite commercial roofing contractor.

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Home is where the heart is—but your commercial property is where your livelihood is. Your commercial roof plays a key role in protecting critical equipment, stock, merchandise and many other important assets of your business. So when it comes to keeping your commercial roof in good health, it’s best to have a skilled commercial roofing contractor at the ready for your commercial roofing needs in Dayton and southwest Ohio.

In addition to our residential service offerings, the JW Roofing team also provides a selection of commercial roofing services, including repairs, roof replacements and maintenance for commercial roofs. Currently, we specialize in EPDM rubber roofing for our commercial projects. If you’re in need of a commercial roofing contractor in Dayton, Ohio, JW Roofing has your back!

A Full Selection Of Commercial Roofing Services!

Whatever your commercial roofing needs may be, the expert craftsmen at JW Roofing are standing by with reliable solutions for your roof. No matter the state of your commercial building, JW Roofing is here for you! Our commercial roofing services include:

Commercial Roof Repair

Damage to your commercial roof can threaten your stock, equipment, and even the structure of your commercial building. If your commercial roof has become damaged, it’s important to act quickly to address the issue, as leaving damage unaddressed can lead to more expensive issues and potentially compromise your insurance coverage. With expert repairs from JW Roofing, your commercial roof will be completely restored and free of leaks, holes, or cracks.

Commercial Roof Replacement

If your roof has been severely damaged or otherwise reached the end of its life, it’s best to schedule a roof replacement. The JW Roofing team provides professional roof replacements for commercial roofs of all shapes and sizes. While costlier than a roof repair, a commercial roof replacement from JW Roofing is a long-lasting solution that will protect your business investment for years to come.

Inspections And Maintenance

How long your commercial roof lasts depends, in part, on how well you maintain it though cleaning, upkeep and perhaps most importantly, regular inspections. JW Roofing offers commercial roof inspections to ensure that you’re always informed about the health of your roof. Scheduling regular inspections from our expert roofers ensures that any damage or roofing issues will be identified early on, preventing more expensive problems.

Experts In EPDM Rubber Roofing

At JW Roofing, we specialize in EPDM roofing (commonly called rubber roofing) for most of our commercial projects. EPDM is a highly versatile roofing material that is widely popular in the commercial roofing industry. Here are a few benefits of choosing EPDM for your commercial roof:

  • Flexible and durable – EPDM is highly flexible, making it ideal for fitting around equipment, skylights, drainage systems and more. In addition to this flexibility, EPDM is also quite durable, typically lasting for 10-20 years and standing up against adverse weather conditions.
  • Cost-effective – One of the more affordable commercial roofing options available on the market, EPDM provides excellent protection for your roof while remaining budget-friendly.
  • Recyclable and efficient – Another advantage of EPDM is that it provides an alternative to petroleum-based roofing and other less environmentally friendly products. EPDM is commonly made from recycled materials and it can often be recycled once more when it reaches the end of its life.

JW Roofing: Your Commercial Roofing Contractor In Dayton And Southwest Ohio!

The JW Roofing team is standing by to take care of any commercial roofing needs you may have. With reliable roof repairs, replacements and inspections, we can help you get the most out of your business investment by providing quality solutions to protect your commercial property. Contact us today for a quote!

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