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Roof Storm Damage? When to File a Claim & When to Pay Out of Pocket

When Should You File a Claim? Let’s Take a Look!

We don’t think about the roof over our head until we face a problem. When a major storm passes through the area, your roof springs a leak, and you find yourself scrambling for the best roofing contractor in Dayton, Ohio. You have insurance to protect your home from unforeseen problems, which makes unexpected damage caused by Mother Nature tricky to navigate. You may have heard that “Your damage won’t be covered under your policy” or “You might lose coverage if you file too many claims.”

While it can be confusing, you shouldn’t be afraid to use the services you’ve been paying for. In most cases a local roofing professional will be able to offer advice when it comes to filing an insurance claim. For years, JW Roofing has helped Dayton customers understand the insurance process when it comes to roof damage.* If you’re wondering when to file an insurance claim and when to pay out of pocket, read on. Here’s what you need to know about working with insurance: 

Understanding Your Coverage

The purpose of insurance is to provide assistance when faced with unforeseen problems. The purpose of insurance is to get your property back to where it was before unexpected damages occurred. Insurance is in place to cover damages that cannot be avoided and are beyond your control. It’s important to remember that storm damage is unavoidable. Filing a claim for damage caused by strong winds or a hail storm will not be measured in the same way as avoidable damage caused by homeowner neglect.

Situation 1: Cost of Repair = Cost of Deductible

It’s safe to say that if your roof has been severely damaged, it’s in your best interest to file a claim. However, there is always nuance! Contact a roofing professional to schedule an inspection following a storm. An inspection will allow the roofer to assess the damage and offer an estimate for a repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the damage. 

If the estimate for the cost to repair your roof is more than your deductible by a small amount, you may not want to file a claim. Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy, the losses covered under it and your deductible. If your deductible is $2,000 and your repair will only cost around $1,700, your claim won’t be covered. It may end up being more costly in the long run to file a claim as your rates may go up upon your next renewal.

Situation 2: Substantial Damage, Costly Repair 

In our area, severe damage following a major storm is a possibility. There are times where heavy storms pass through, destroying homes and the roofs above them. If your roof has suffered substantial damage and needs to be replaced, filing an insurance claim may be worthwhile. 

The Bottom Line? Ask an Expert

Working with a roofer who is used to dealing with insurance companies and is familiar with the process can significantly reduce your stress. Our experienced roofing contractors will be able to help you assess your damage and help you make an educated decision about filing a claim or paying out of pocket. 

When it comes to storm damage, don’t delay! Book an inspection today to get your damage assessed as quickly as possible. Lucky for you, JW Roofing has the insurance claims process down to a 3-step process: inspect, insure and repair or replace! Our goal is to be there for you whenever, wherever and however you need us. JW Roofing is the most trusted roofing contractor in Dayton, Ohio. Let us handle your storm damage repair!

*JW Roofing and its authorized representatives are NOT acting as Public Insurance Adjusters and will not negotiate with insurance on customer’s behalf.

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