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2022 Trends to Consider for Your West Chester Roofing Replacement

Here’s what to look for in roofing for next year!

There are several reasons that people dream about one day being a homeowner. Out of these many reasons, one of the biggest draws of homeownership is being able to make a space entirely your own. Today, many property owners invest time, money and resources into making their homes more “aesthetically pleasing.” 

When you think of home trends, you may first think of open floor plans, green kitchen cabinets, rattan furniture, or the return of patterned wallpaper. But the reality is, a property’s exterior has just as much influence on your home’s aesthetic as the interior does, and part of the exterior is your roof! 

Now it may not seem all that exciting at first, but picking out a new roof can actually be a lot of fun for those interested in design! Because roofs come in various shapes, colors and materials, they can be a major contributor to your curb appeal. So here are some home trends to consider if you’re due for new roofing in West Chester, Ohio, next year.


Farmhouse home aesthetics have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and we will continue to see the trend continue into next year—although with a bit more of a modern twist. The farmhouse trend will take a less literal approach, shifting the design from barn doors and distressed wood to a more contemporary rustic feel that includes matte black fixtures, whitewash paint and paneling, along with rich wood accents.  

To create contrast between the standard white exterior of farmhouse-style homes, we recommend installing an asphalt roof that is either black or darker in color, such as a charcoal gray. 


Modern design aesthetics include geometric proportions, natural colors and unique architecture. One highlight of this style that’s become more popular over the past couple of years is the emphasis on indoor/outdoor living, meaning that both your interior and exterior must complement each other more so than ever before. 

Modern designs work great with dark colors. This is convenient because current trends reveal that homeowners are turning away from pastels and light washes and favoring darker, more sophisticated urbane shades. If you’re building a modern home from scratch, you may even consider installing a flat roof to add to the geometric dimension. 


This trend’s emergence is relatively newer compared to modern and farmhouse designs. Homeowners today aren’t as afraid to play around with designs and textures that could have been once considered “unconventional.” In 2022, be prepared to see bolder colors and patterns, as well as a combination of styles. 

To accentuate your home, you should pick a shingle color that contrasts your landscape and your home’s exterior paint. Asphalt shingles may be your best bet, as they come in a wide array of colors. If you choose to be a bit bolder with your color choice, always consider different hues of colors. For example, rather than selecting a bright, bumblebee yellow, opt for a shade similar to mustard to add more sophistication. The same strategy goes for green shingles. Rather than choosing a green that matches your grass, deepen the tone and opt for a richer, darker shade like moss or forest green. 

Get started with your new roof today!

Picking out a new roof can be more fun than you think, and the best part of being a homeowner is that you can make it entirely your own! That is, you don’t have to follow trends if you don’t want to! So if you’re looking for new roofing in West Chester, Ohio, put your trust in our experts here at JW Roofing

Our skilled craftsmen are available to serve all your roofing and home exterior needs, including roof repair and replacement services, as well as services covering gutters and siding. Contact us today to get started!


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