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TPO Roof Installation: Dayton Business Technology High School 

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JW Completed This TPO Roof Installation Over Summer Break!

As skilled commercial roofers, we work on a wide variety of buildings throughout Dayton and southwestern Ohio. Many are local businesses, some are industrial buildings—and occasionally, our team is even called out for schools. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a TPO roof installation the JW Roofing team completed at Dayton Business Technology High School. This project was fairly involved, with two layers of old roofing to tear off, Mother Nature to contend with, and a key deadline to meet. 

Take a look at how our skilled commercial roofing contractors got this job done!

Background: A School with an Ailing Roof

For this project, our team worked on the roof of Dayton Business Technology High School, located in downtown Dayton. Our contact for this project had previously gotten in touch with JW Roofing for a residential roofing job, and remembered our team when the time came to replace this school’s roof. The school’s existing ballasted and EPDM roof had reached the end of its lifespan, and they were seeking an experienced contractor to handle the removal and installation.

The Project: Full TPO Roof Installation

This project was to be a full TPO roof installation. Since the existing roof was made a ballasted system installed over the top of EPDM roofing, the project would include full tear-off and disposal of the existing roofing system. 

The client chose TPO for the new roof as it seemed like the best option for their needs. TPO roofing reliably protects against rain and moisture, is fairly quick to install, and is naturally light in color, which would help to maintain the building’s temperature.

With the requirements for the project laid out for us, our team got to work!

The Challenges: Major Tear-off and Rain Delays

Our team faced a couple of challenges for this project. The first was a fairly involved and potentially messy tear-off process, as the existing roof used a ballasted roofing system. This meant removing large stones and rocks from the roof and hauling them away. Our team took care to contain the mess and ensure we left the surrounding property and parking lot in order.

The other major challenge we faced was Mother Nature. In order to complete the TPO roof installation, including the crucial heat-welded seams that TPO roofing relies on for water protection, we would need 3–4 days of clear weather. As this project was happening, we had many days of rain interrupting our schedule. To protect against rain, we left the underlying EPDM roofing system until the day before installation would begin. But because this roof needed to be completed over summer break, our team had to be ready to go as soon as we had an ideal forecast. 

TPO roof system partway through installation

The Result: A New Roof in Time for the School Year!

As soon as the weather cleared up for us, our commercial roofing team sprang into action! We installed a Carlisle .060 reinforced white roofing system for this roof. This would provide excellent resistance to many forms of damage, as well as superior moisture protection—a critical element considering all the rain we receive in our area!

Thanks to our planning and preparation, we were able to fully complete this installation in clear weather, ensuring maximal adherence, dryness, and protection for this roof. We were also able to complete the installation over summer break, ensuring no interruptions to classes during the school year.

JW Roofing: Dayton TPO Roof Installation Experts

At JW Roofing, we’re true masters of commercial roofing, with years of study and hands-on experience in a wide variety of flat and low-slope roofing systems. TPO roofing is often an ideal solution for commercial buildings, but successful TPO roof installation requires a trained professional to ensure maximum performance over the lifespan of the roof.

When you call on JW Roofing, you know you’re working with experienced, locally based professionals who understand the unique demands of roofing in the Dayton area—including the importance of closely monitoring weather forecasts! If you’re looking to install TPO for your commercial roof, book an appointment today.

a new TPO roof after installation on Dayton Business Technology High School

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