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The Risk of Hiring a Fly By Night Roofing Company

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  • The Risk of Hiring a Fly By Night Roofing Company

Consider your choice of roofer carefully!

If you live in Ohio, chances are you’ve experienced severe weather: massive storms, strong winds, pounding rain and lots of damage to local homes and businesses. Just think back to the hail storm that passed through last year. As you were dealing with the aftermath, do you remember unfamiliar roofing companies in Dayton, Ohio knocking on your door? These are what we call “fly-by-night” roofing companies. 

A fly-by-night roofing company wants to make money quickly, with no concern for quality. They travel during busy seasons to take on jobs in areas hit by severe storms, or wherever jobs are readily available. These companies may offer a good price, but that price may come with a big catch. At JW Roofing, we want to keep our customers informed about potentially unethical roofers. Here’s what to watch out for!

How to spot a scam

All too often, roofing companies travel great distances to go door to door after a severe storm strikes. These “roofing professionals” claim that they can fix the damage done to your roof at an extremely low price. Although this may sound appealing, it’s important to know that a traveling roofer’s warranty is only good for as long as you can see their tail lights as they race away.

To help, we’ve outlined a few warning signs of a fly-by-night roofing company:

  • They offer outrageous deals. Your roof stands between the interior of your home and the exterior world around you. It is an essential part of your home, and you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to maintenance. If a repair deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • They’re not from the area. When it comes to roof repair, we recommend looking for local companies in Dayton. These companies will be experts in the area, familiar with your state’s rules and regulations and just a phone call away. Fly-by-night companies are there one minute and gone the next. Don’t let one of these companies leave you high and dry after collecting your cash.   
  • They lack credentials. Always ask those working on your roof for proof of insurance. If a company can’t provide credentials, such as licensing and insurance, they are likely a scam. Fly-by-night roofers may also lack an online presence. If a company knocks on your door, do a quick Google search and see what you find. If you are unable to find an official website or any legitimate reviews, think twice about hiring them. 

Hire a trusted professional

Experience and longevity are good indicators of a reliable roofing company. When it comes to something as important as your roof, you want to choose a company that has your best interest in mind. You want a company who backs their warranty should any issues arise, not a fly-by-night company who takes your money and runs. Avoid getting taken advantage of and seek legitimate roofers. Here are a few signs of a trusted professional: 

  • They are licensed and insured. A quality roofing company will always be licensed and insured. Not only does insurance protect the company, but it also protects you from having to pay for any mishaps or injuries that may arise. 
  • They have been around a long time. Good companies stand the test of time. Choose a company that has been around long enough to thrive in the roofing industry. 
  • They have a solid reputation. Customer reviews and BBB rankings can tell you if a roof replacement company is reputable. Look online for positive reviews and high BBB rankings when vetting roofing companies. 

JW Roofing has been serving Dayton for 35+ years and will continue to do so for decades down the road. As a family owned, multi-generational company, we stand proudly by our work. If you’re in need of roofing services in the Ohio area, give us a call today. You can even schedule a free inspection online now! 

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