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Happy Holidays from JW Roofing!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

The holidays are officially here! And your favorite Dayton, Ohio roofing company wants to wish you a happy and safe holiday season! So as you prepare to cozy up by the fire, string the lights and spend quality time with friends and family, the JW Roofing team hopes you also keep your roofing system on the list of things to attend to as we prepare for colder winter weather.

Tend to your roof this winter season

Winterizing your roof requires ongoing maintenance to ensure the roof is always ready to withstand the harsh winter conditions. As temperatures start to drop, keep these three things at the top of mind this season: 

Invest in a roof rake: Raking your roof? It may sound silly at first, but snow can impact the structural load of your roof and contribute to the formation of an ice dam. We recommend investing in a snow rake, as it’s a much safer alternative than a snow shovel. Snow rakes are approximately 20 feet long, so you can safely clear away any snow without having to climb on your roof. 

Remove debris: Unwanted debris can be detrimental to your roofing system, clogging gutters, damaging your shingles and adding to the weight of your roof that could eventually cause water to enter your home. After a winter storm, be sure to inspect your property and remove any tree branches or debris that have fallen onto your roof or built up in your gutters. 

Check your attic ventilation: Because a roof is directly above the attic, adequately ventilating your attic is essential to preventing ice dams. If you notice a lack of airflow from your exhaust vents, you may need to improve the ventilation system. You can do this yourself at home by adding in more roof vents and removing any pieces of insulation that appear to be blocking the vents. 

Noticing signs of roof damage

If you suspect any of the following, your roof may be damaged! Here are some signs to watch for. 

Cracked or missing shingles: Visibly missing shingles are the easiest way to spot roof damage, as winter weather has the power to tear them loose from your roof decking. Shingles that are cracked or discolored may also require repair, as discoloration often implies loss of granules. 

Ice dams: Ice dams can form when snow buildup melts during the day and then refreezes at night or as soon as temperatures drop again. There are a couple of ways to spot an ice dam, the most apparent being visible ice formations on either your home’s exterior walls or roofing system. However, you can also examine your home’s exterior walls for signs of water damage, as well as check to see if your gutters are draining correctly. 

Water pools: If you have a flat roof, keep an eye out for water pools puddles after any major rainstorm or snowstorm. Water pools after a storm aren’t uncommon but should raise concern if they fail to drain or evaporate after approximately two days, as this shows a lack of proper drainage.

Schedule an inspection immediately

We know the holidays are a busy time, but if you notice any of the above, it’s essential that you immediately schedule an inspection with your favorite roofing contractors. If you put the repairs on the back burner, you run the risk of more detrimental and costly damage down the line. Fortunately, our roofing contractors are available to tend to your roofing needs no matter the season! 

Happy Holidays from your favorite Dayton, Ohio roofing company!

We want to thank you all for being loyal customers and trusting in us this past year for all your roofing needs. We hope you have an incredible holiday season surrounded by friends and family and look forward to serving your roofing needs in 2022. We look forward to being your trust Dayton, Ohio roofing company next year and all the years to come! 

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