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Roof Repair Dayton, Ohio: It’s Not Too Late

Now is your last chance to schedule a roof repair!

November is here, which means it’s time for family gatherings, gift-giving, strung lights and lots and lots of treats! The holiday season also brings colder weather, which, whether you like it or not, means that snow is just around the corner! So as you start to plan for all of your holiday festivities, don’t forget to include any needed roof maintenance on your to-do list.

It’s essential that you have a properly functioning roof to protect you from dropping temperatures. If you live in Dayton, Ohio, and require a roof repair, right now is the best time to schedule an inspection and repair before weather conditions begin to worsen.  

Why is fall the best time for a roof repair? 

Many roofing contractors consider September through November to be the ideal months for scheduling a roof repair or replacement. This is because shingles install best when temperatures range from 45 to 50 degrees. In addition, placing asphalt shingles in mild, clear weather results in a process called thermal sealing, meaning that the temperature allows their seal strips to adhere correctly to the roofing underlayment. 

Because of this cooler, clearer weather, fall is also an excellent time for roof repairs for the contractors themselves. Unlike summer or winter, you don’t run the risk of your contractor overheating or slipping from ice. Instead, these optimal weather conditions will create a comfortable environment for roofers to put their best foot forward. 

What happens if I wait until December?

In Dayton, temperatures will fall from an average of 49.1°F in November to a chilly 39.2°F in December, ultimately increasing the chance of snowfall in the area. The process becomes more complex and dangerous for roofing contractors to conduct repairs once the snow piles on the roof. 

In addition, ignoring a roof repair in the fall could become a significant burden when winter weather hits. For example, if you ignore a leak repair before snowfall, you risk ceiling discoloration or leaks from trapped moisture. Considering the extra labor, you could risk spending more money on a repair than you would in more mild months if you wait until December. 

But it’s November—Is it too late? 

You may be thinking, “well, it’s November now, and I still haven’t scheduled. Is it too late?” The answer is absolutely not! Right now, temperatures are still warm enough for a successful roof repair. In addition, roofing contractors’ schedules are clearing up, meaning that we can get you on our calendar as soon as possible, at the most convenient time for you. 

Scheduling a roof repair in Dayton, Ohio, may seem like a task you can put on the back burner, but putting off repairs will increase the risk of it worsening in the winter. Therefore, we recommend scheduling sooner than later to avoid the risk of snowfall! 

Schedule an inspection today!

Whether you know you need a repair or are just interested in “winter-proofing” your home for the season, give us a call today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. Our expert contractors will inspect your entire property and tell you what needs to be done to ensure you and your family stay warm and protected this holiday season.

JW Roofing is your partner for roof repair in Dayton, Ohio! A truly local, family-owned business, we understand what your roof means to you and your family, and we know how to prepare your roof for Ohio’s most severe weather. Our skilled roofers work with a variety of roof types, and we work efficiently and courteously to complete your roof repair as quickly and as mess-free as possible. Contact JW Roofing for all your roof repair needs!

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