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Key Questions to Ask When Vetting Cincinnati Roofing Pros

Here’s how to vet Cincinnati roofers for your next project

Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s officially time to start preparing for Ohio winter weather conditions. If you suspect your roof may be in need of a repair or a replacement before the first winter storm hits, we encourage you to take note of today’s post. It is critical to do your homework before hiring a Cincinnati, OH roofing contractor. Not sure where to start? We have you covered!  

With so many experts in roofing here in Cincinnati, OH, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find professionals capable of a repair or replacement. However, it’s important to note that although many companies are qualified for the job, that doesn’t mean that they’re the right fit for you. As a paying customer, you have the right to speak with several roofing professionals to determine if they’re a proper fit for both you and the job at hand. Here are 4 questions we recommend asking a roofing company before hiring them for your next job! 

Q: How long have you been in business?

Having years of experience speaks to a business’s consistency in workmanship and customer service. Companies that have been in business for several years prove that they have produced enough satisfied customers to keep their business up and running. 

Well-established roofing companies are also more likely to have a reliable business model. One of the main reasons you should never hire a fly-by-night roofer is because although they’re able to make a quick repair, they’re not going to be around to address any problems that arise. It’s better to choose one company that you can trust enough to be able to rely on for all of your roofing needs. 

Q: What types of materials do you use? 

You could have the best roofing contractor in the world, but if the materials are mediocre or worse, you’re going to have problems with your roof. Ask roofing companies about their manufacturer relationships and make sure that the materials they use are high-quality and durable. We trust local Ohio businesses to provide us with top-of-the-line materials, which is why JW Roofing is a Platinum Partner with Atlas Roofing, a top manufacturer with a facility right here in Ohio. 

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

The last thing you want to do is end up with an unlicensed or uninsured contractor that could end up getting you in trouble. Don’t be afraid to ask them upfront to provide you a copy of their valid license, and be sure to check the expiration date to make sure it’s up-to-date. This way, you not only protect yourself from any legal matters, but you can trust that they’re qualified for the job. 

Q: Do you offer a warranty? 

Surprisingly, roofing companies aren’t required to offer a warranty, which means not all do. So be sure to discuss the warranty type and ask specific questions about coverage.

Our partner, Atlas Roofing, provides a protective warranty plan that extends to all JW customers as a result of our platinum status. 

Here to be your Cincinnati Roofing Professionals 

JW Roofing has been in business for over 2 decades, so we know a thing or two about Cincinnati, OH roofing. Being a family-owned business, we believe in the strength of working locally with others in our community to build trusting relationships that last a lifetime. 

Contact us today to learn more about our roofing services. Here at JW Roofing, we treat every customer as part of the family, contact us today to discover why we are Cincinnati, OH’s most trusted roofing contractors. 

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