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Project Profile: Metal Roof Replacement Germantown

JW Roofing: Ohio’s Metal Roof Replacement Pros

Nothing says “home makeover” like a brand new roof. JW Roofing recently completed a roof replacement of an asphalt roof, installing a new metal roofing system for a client in Germantown. Not only did the transformation add curb appeal, but also stability to the home. Project Manager on the project, Jesse Walter, shared the details of the project and the reasoning behind the change. 

“This client was actually referred to us by another metal roof customer who was impressed with the work they received,” said Jesse. “He gave us his budget and just wanted to know his job was going to be done correctly, which is exactly what he got.” This referral is a good indicator of the quality of work and service customers receive at JW Roofing

Our team has the roof replacement process down to a science, so this project started with an inspection of the roofing system. The customer was concerned that the roof was outdated, so Jesse made a few suggestions for changes that could improve the look and security of the roof. For instance, longer gutters were recommended to keep water from jumping over the ledge with a new metal roof. 

Next, the team discussed materials that would lead to a stable and gorgeous new roof. 

“Their roof is now the best looking roof on the street,” said Jesse. “We decided on a black metal premium rib roof package and new gutters to improve the performance and add curb appeal.”

On top of handling roof repairs and replacements, JW Roofing also installs roofing exteriors like siding and gutters. For this project, the client paired their black metal premium rib roof package with a brand new gutter system. The metal roofing system is extremely durable, with High Temperature Ice and Water Shields installed under the roof panels. A new ShurFlo Gutter Guard System will also be added to the black seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts to keep out leaves and debris.

Something that sets JW Roofing apart from other Ohio roofing companies is our commitment to partnerships. As a family-owned business, we treat our customers like family. Quality craftsmanship and strong relationships are key to our success. With this project, Jesse and the client discovered a mutual interest in motocross. Since Jesse and the client race at the same tracks and have friends in common, their relationship strengthens. Jesse and the client still keep in touch! 

Common Questions About Metal Roofing Systems

How long do metal roofing systems last?

One of the most common questions that customers ask when replacing a roof is how often a roof needs to be replaced. Metal roofs are energy efficient, low maintenance, and incredibly durable. They also provide a sleek, sharp look. If you’re considering metal roofing installation in Dayton, OH, JW Roofing is the crew to call. We are proud to offer Dayton, OH metal roof installation services with the same unmatched craftsmanship we’ve always offered with other roofing applications.

How much does a roof replacement cost?

The answer to this question depends on a few things. The materials used, roofing system being installed, and complexities of the project. A complete roof replacement is a financial investment, but many quality roofers do offer financing. Be warned, however, because not all roofing companies offering financing are alike. JW Roofing offers financing for as low as $100 a month, and it starts with a quick online application. 

Overall, the roof replacement project was a huge upgrade for the client. Their metal roof added curb appeal and stability to their roofing system. If you’re looking to partner with JW roofing for your next Ohio roofing project, give us a call today. You can also schedule a complimentary inspection at your convenience online!

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