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8 Signs You’ve Hired the Right Local Dayton Roofing Company

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Here’s What to Look for in Local Dayton, OH Roofing Companies

A long-lasting roof starts with a high-quality roofing contractor. So, how do you know if a roofing contractor is legitimate? As you research local roofing companies in Dayton, OH, there are a number of good qualities to look for in a roofing contractor. Successful roofers are dependable, hard-working, and experienced. 

Doing research on companies in your area is critical. It’s not just about finding a roofing contractor with positive reviews, it’s about finding a roofing contractor who will stand by their work for years to come. Below are 8 signs your roofer is the right fit for your project:

1. Locally Owned & Operated

Whenever possible, it’s best to stay local. Hiring a locally owned business like JW Roofing has several  advantages!  Locals are familiar with the weather we face, knowledgeable of rules and regulations, and will be around to address any concerns down the line

2. Responsive

With any home improvement project, clear communication between a contractor and their client is crucial. When researching and contacting local roofing companies, keep tabs on the companies who are responsive. If a company is slow to respond to your inquiry, that may be indicative of their responsiveness moving forward. With JW, you can schedule a complimentary inspection with ease at your convenience online.

3. Can Provide Proof of License & Insurance

One of the first things to ask a roofing contractor is whether they’re licensed and insured. These credentials can protect you and the contractor from any additional costs! Working with a licensed roofer is a good clue that they are component, honest, and will meet all requirements.

4. Professional & Punctual Team

Construction on the home can be disruptive to your day-to-day activities and there is no denying roof replacements can get messy. You’ll want to find a roofer who will complete a job in a timely and professional manner. The last thing you want to deal with is a project lasting longer than promised. As well, it’s more likely a quality roofing contractor will provide a quality clean-up!

5. Materials & Labor Warranty

Quality materials and quality craftsmanship can give you a long lasting roof. When exploring your options consider the materials the roofing contractor uses. At JW Roofing, we use quality materials for a long-lasting roof. We are a Platinum Partner with Atlas Roofing, a highly ranked roofing manufacturer. Atlas Roofing offers excellent products at an affordable price.

6. BBB Accredited

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) helps you find quality roofing contractors near your home. It allows you to compare contractors in the area and review their business profiles. The BBB estimates how likely businesses are to interact with their customers by assigning ratings from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). Roofing contractors with higher BBB likely have better performance.

7. Strong Online Reviews

Searching for a roofer can be difficult when you don’t know anyone off hand. One of the greatest ways to find a solid roofer is by searching online reviews! Customer testimonials are typically honest, unbiased reviews of a roofing contractor’s work.

8. Project Site Prep & Clean-up 

Best practice is for a roofer to leave a site cleaner than it was when they arrived. As you sift through your options be sure to inquire about whether or not clean-up services are included. At JW Roofing, we use a catch-all system to protect our customers. This means we will take all the necessary care to keep the rest of your home safe from harm while fixing your roof.

Hire a “Customer First” Business

We’re a customer-first business at JW Roofing, meaning we aim for complete satisfaction in every project we do. With years of experience as one of the top local roofing companies in Dayton, OH, you can trust our team will get the job done right. We are confident in our ability to meet your roofing needs. Contact us today to start your next project! 

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