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The Truth About Ice Dams and Damage to Your Roof

Ice Dams Can Cause Major Roof Damage in Winter

If you live in Ohio, you are used to cold weather during winter months. Chilling temperatures and heavy snow come with the Midwest territory. However, are you familiar with roof damage from ice dams? An ice dam is a large ridge of ice that forms at the edge of your roof and can cause pretty serious damage. 

Over time, mother nature takes a toll on the condition of your roof. Since your roof is what protects you and your family from the elements, it’s important to keep it in the best shape possible. Especially during the winter months! Our team at JW Roofing warns customers of the hidden danger of ice buildup on their roof. Ice dams can be difficult to spot, as they are often covered by snow. 

To keep your roof in good shape, it’s important to be familiar with ice dams. We’ll review what they are, how they form, and how to remove them.

What Are Ice Dams?

An ice dam occurs at the edge of a roof following snowfall. Essentially, they occur when temperatures at the top of your roof are warm enough to melt through snow, but temperatures at the bottom of your roof are not. As water flows and reaches the portion of your roof that is not warm enough, it freezes. This is what causes an ice dam. Ice dams grow quickly as melting snow makes its way down your roof. Ice dams (quite literally) create a dam that blocks ice and snow from flowing through your gutters and out downspouts properly. 

How Can I Spot Ice Dams on My Roof?

Ice dams can be difficult to spot. They are often covered with a blanket of snow, making them almost unnoticeable. It’s important to know when ice dams may form in order to keep an eye out for them! Ice dams can form when heavy snow is on your roof, the temperatures outside are below freezing. They are caused by variations in roof temperature. Typically, these variances in temperatures are caused by improper insulation. If your home is not properly insulated, your roof may be more prone to ice dams.

Why Are Ice Dams Dangerous?

Ice dams are a danger for a number of reasons. Heavy snow and ice buildup weigh on your roof, trapping water or causing damage to gutters, shingles, and more. Not only are they a risk to your roof, they are a risk to you and your loved ones. Sheets of falling icicles are dangerous, and ice dams are even heavier. If the weight of the ice dam is too much for your gutters to handle, you run the risk of something falling and hitting you or your property! Ice dams can also cause a number of issues for your home:

  • Water leaks that can make their way into your attic when ice backs up.
  • Torn gutters, shingles or downspouts.
  • A collapsed roof caused by heavy snow and ice.
  • Growth of mold caused by water leaks.

Ice Dam Removal: Leave it to the Pros

Removing ice dams or snow from one’s roof can be incredibly dangerous. Not only that, but improper removal may even worsen roof damage. At JW Roofing we feel it’s best to leave it to the experts. If you fear your roof has been damaged by snow or ice dams, get in touch with one of our professionals today. We’ll be happy to inspect your roof and assess whether or not ice dams have caused damage. If so, we will complete any needed repairs before issues worsen! JW roofers have years of experience with repair and replacement services for your roof and gutters.

JW Roofing: Your Go-To Local Roofers

The last thing you want to deal with during these busy winter months is a compromised roof. Before the cold weather hits, we encourage you to schedule an inspection with one of our professionals today. A roofing professional will be able to inspect your home and identify any damage or potential concerns on the horizon. You want your home to be as safe and secure as possible for the winter! Book an appointment today and  schedule your free roof inspection.

ice dams along the edge of a roof that could cause damage

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