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2022 Roofing Trends: Planning for Your Roof Replacement

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  • 2022 Roofing Trends: Planning for Your Roof Replacement

Want a Beautiful Roof? Here Are Some Trendy Looks to Consider!

There’s no denying the impact a good looking roof can have on curb appeal. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and finally showing its age, you might find yourself in need of Dayton roof replacement services. With the help of a quality roofing contractor, you can make your old roof look new again. A beautiful new roof is a great way to improve your home’s overall aesthetic. 

Your roof is one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your home or business. Before you make any decisions on the roof you choose, you may be interested in the roofing design trends for 2022. Just like interior design, roofing design goes through various trends as well. If you want help making your home appear more modern and fresh, here are three trends you may want to consider: 

Metal Roofing: Modern, Elegant and Sophisticated

Metal roofing continues to have a big presence this year. When selecting materials for your roof replacement, you might consider this option. Outside of being very on trend, metal roofing has a number of advantages. Metal roofing is extremely durable, long-lasting and can endure the high winds we often face in Dayton, Ohio. Metal roofing can actually last two to three times longer than a traditional asphalt roof! 

Metal and Asphalt Shingles: Striking Design, Unforgettable Look

Many homeowners don’t realize how customizable getting a new roof can be. Another trend we’ve seen this year is a mixture of metal and asphalt shingles. Yes, you can do a combination of metal roof and asphalt shingle roof combination! Using a variety of shingles and metal on your roof can create a very unique look that will be unlike others in the area. If you’re looking to stand out, this is the right design for you. 

In most cases, this combination is done by adding metal roofing to certain areas. Most often, metal is added over smaller sections of the roof such as front porches, back porches, windows and other areas. This type of installation takes even more skill, so make sure to hire a roofing contractor you can trust for your Dayton roof replacement. 

Contrasting Colors: Make a Statement

In the past, it was popular to use the same style and color material across your entire roof. While this does create a uniform appearance, it is becoming more popular to opt for contrasting colors. Creating contrast with your home’s exterior can be very eye-catching. For example, you might opt for a dark roof with light-colored gutters to complement it. If you have a light-colored home with a light-colored roof, choosing a darker-colored gutter will create a dramatic effect.

A new roof can be an investment, so it is important to invest in quality roofing materials. No matter which design trend you opt for, you’ll want to be sure the roofing contractor you work with is using products that are built to last. At JW Roofing, we use only the highest-quality roofing and home exterior materials on the market, including products from trusted local manufacturer Atlas Roofing. If you’re looking for advice on selecting the right materials for your replacement, we’ve got a read for you. 

Transform Your Roof with JW Roofing!

When it’s time for a roof replacement in Dayton, put your trust in JW Roofing. As a family-owned company, we will treat your home as if it is our own, which means making sure it is appealing and built to last! Whether you’re considering a sleek metal roofing look or mixed materials, we’re here to make the roof replacement stress-free. Get in touch to set up a consultation with our professionals today!

a trendy roof replacement featuring contrasting colors in Dayton

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