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6 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Ohio Commercial Roofing Pro

Learn how to narrow down your list of commercial roofing contractors

Finding the right commercial roofing pro in Ohio can be a tricky task. With so many options available, it’s hard to know how best to narrow down the candidates and find the perfect roofer for your project.

At JW Roofing, we know there’s no shortage of commercial roofing options here in Southwest Ohio. But when it comes to picking the right roofer, we feel that it all comes down to asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers you get. So in today’s post, we’re breaking down 6 questions you should ask any commercial roofing pro before making a final decision. Let’s get started!

How long have you been in business?

Roofing—and especially commercial roofing—can be every bit as unpredictable as the weather here in Ohio. And when it comes to dealing with the unexpected, the only way to truly be prepared is through experience.

Asking a roofer how long they’ve been in business is a good first step as you compare commercial roofing companies. While experience isn’t everything, a roofer that’s been in business for a while is one that’s seen their fair share of surprises and challenges. 

What types of commercial products do you specialize in?

When it comes to commercial roofing materials, there are many options available. TPO, EPDM and PVC are all common single-ply roofing materials, while metal, modified bitumen and even built-up roofing still see frequent use.

To get the best commercial roof possible, it’s important to hire a roofer that knows how to work with the material you have in mind. Faulty installation is a very common cause of roofing issues, and it’s easier to avoid mistakes when your roofer is more familiar with the material in question. So before hiring a roofer, ask each one about the types of products they work with most often!

Do you warranty your work?

Even for the most experienced roofers, mistakes happen—and product issues aren’t unheard of, either. A workmanship warranty, manufacturer’s warranty or satisfaction guarantee can help give greater peace of mind and assurance that your roof is built to last. To that end, it’s good to ask about the warranties offered by each Ohio commercial roofing expert you talk to and weigh this in your decision.

Do you offer maintenance services?

Commercial roofs are built to last, but you don’t get the most out of your roof by simply having it installed and leaving it alone for 20 years. Effective roof maintenance is the key to maximizing the lifespan of your commercial roof. 

That means it’s a good idea to ask roofers about their commercial roof maintenance services and try to form a lasting partnership to care for your commercial roof. The longer your commercial roofing partner works with your roof, the better they’ll understand it and the more ready they’ll be to deal with potential issues.

Can you provide references?

Any roofer can claim to do a great job—but more important than their opinion is that of their past customers! Checking through reviews can give you a good idea of how past customers feel about their work. References, however, are even better. 

When a roofer has solid references, it means that their work was good enough to warrant a customer taking the time to write out exactly how they came through on their roofing project. Be sure to get references from every roofer you can!

Have you worked with buildings or roofs similar to mine?

Just as with the question about materials above, it’s good to ask about a roofer’s experience working on roofs similar to yours. Every roof is unique in its own way, but sometimes the experience of working on a prior roofing project will help with yours. The most ideal scenario? If the roofer has references, at least one might be from a customer with a roof similar to yours!

JW Roofing: Commercial Roofing Pros in Southwest Ohio

For all of your Ohio commercial roofing needs, JW Roofing is the roofing company to call! We offer a complete selection of commercial roofing services, including roof replacements and repairs, as well as key commercial roof maintenance services. With nearly two decades in business, we’ve helped many business owners by providing high-quality commercial roofing solutions that are built to last.

If you have a commercial roofing project and would like to ask about our services and experience, we’re standing by to take your call! Contact us today.

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