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Why You Shouldn’t Keep Putting off those Commercial Leak Repairs

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Is Your Commercial Roof Leaking? Don’t Delay a Repair!

When it comes to maintaining your property, we advise you to take the health of your roof seriously. While a commercial roof leak repair can seem like a minor concern,  putting off repairs can create much larger issues in the not so distant future. Whether you own office buildings, warehouses, retail stores or other commercial real estate, your property is a source of income. Are you willing to jeopardize the integrity of your roof and put that income at risk? Likely not. 

If you put off repairing your commercial roof, the damage will keep getting worse over time. A small puncture can lead to a minor leak, and a minor leak can lead to larger issues. Even a small amount of water can damage insulation, drywall or electrical systems within your property. In sum, leaks can lead to structural issues that can compound and cost a fortune to repair. If you’ve noticed your roof leaking, now is the time to call a local roofing professional

Why Now?

Roofing professionals will always tell you that you should take care of roof repairs, even if they’re small, right away. With hundreds of commercial roof repair jobs under our belt, the experts at JW Roofing have seen entire businesses put on hold due to leaks. As mentioned, leaks can put the structure of a commercial property at risk. Here are some common risks of postponing a commercial roof repair: 

Leaks and Structural Damage

When it comes to an issue with your commercial roof, until it is addressed, the damage will keep getting worse. What might be an easy fix for a professional may turn into a major repair or restoration project if left unattended. You might also be setting yourself up to pay more money in the long run by delaying a commercial roof leak repair. Most minor repairs are a quick and easy fix, but roof restorations can take more time and be much more costly. Any additional expenses, such as repairing drywall, can add up quickly. 

Widespread Damage of Critical Equipment

A minor leak can damage insulation, drywall, electrical systems and more. An unaddressed leak can lead to widespread damage of critical equipment! Machines, appliances, computers and phone systems can be shut down due to water damage. Systems malfunctioning may halt business operations and even a small amount of downtime can lead to loss of profits or clients. 

Unsafe Work Environment

Most importantly, commercial buildings protect a company’s workforce. The safety and security of your employees or occupants is your top priority. A leak left unrepaired leads to unsafe work environments and can turn into a health hazard. As leaks spread, water can absorb into drywall and insulations. Nonstop moisture from a leak can allow for mold to thrive. By contributing to poor air quality, mold can adversely affect the health of your workforce. 

  • Working in a building with mold can lead to the following health concerns:
    • Stuffy nose
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Wheezing
  • Prolonged exposure to mold can lead to the following symptoms:
    • Allergic reactions
    • Headaches
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Asthma

Don’t Delay a Commercial Roof Leak Repair – Call a Roofer Now!

A small leak can turn into a serious issue, but it is not something you should take care of on your own. A trusted, local roofing contractor will be able to help you deal with the damage and stop further progression. Not sure who to call? Get in touch with JW Roofing today. Our team is ready to help you handle your leak repair before major issues arise. 

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