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Common Holiday Decorating Mistakes that Cause Roof Damage

Decking the Halls? Be Careful When Decking Your Roof!

If you’re big into holiday decorating, it’s easy to get carried away. While the bright light displays, gorgeous greenery and reindeer on the rooftop can really bring the cheer—they may also leave you in need of roof damage repair services. Your roof is a vulnerable part of your home, especially with the severe winter weather we face here in Dayton. 

There are a few risky decorating techniques if you want to avoid having to repair damage to your roof!

  • Hanging Christmas Lights from Shingles: Hanging Christmas lights from your shingles can cause serious damage. Have you ever been in a hurry and decided to staple lights to your shingles? That is a major concern for roofing professionals. Stapling lights into your shingles should be avoided at all costs. Christmas lights should be strung along your gutter using gutter clips, specifically designed for lights. You can find these clips at your local hardware store. Proper installation is key.
  • Heavy Displays: While huge displays and decorations may be tempting, homeowners should be mindful of the weight of their decorations. Damage can occur if your roof does not have the appropriate weight-bearing structures. If you are unsure whether or not your roof can take on the weight of a large display, take caution and leave it on the lawn.
  • Chimney Decor: Many homeowners are tempted to decorate their chimney. Plastic Santa structures or decorations with his legs in the chimney may seem cute, but can be particularly dangerous. Decorations in or around the chimney can be a fire hazard. Lighting a fire during the cold winter months can lead to embers rising up and lighting the decor on fire! Instead, explore alternatives like Santa hanging off of a window.
  • A Quick Clean-up: Many homeowners are burned out by the time the holiday season is over. After all of the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to be lazy when disassembling Christmas decorations. Year and year people made the mistake of removing string lights from the roof or gutters by pulling them by the cord. While this is a quick solution, it may cost you later on. Improper removal of clipped up string lights has led to gutter, shingle and roof damage. We suggest removing plastic light clips one-by-one. While this may require a bit more time, it’s worth it! 

Tips for Decorating the Roof Safely

Despite the risks outlined above, you don’t need to feel like the Grinch this holiday seasonal. You can certainly find ways to decorate your home without putting your roof at risk! Here are a number of tips that will ensure your roof is safely decorated:

  • Avoid staples at all costs: Staples can cause damage to your roof, siding, gutters and more. They should be avoided at all costs! Staples can break through the barrier of your roof and allow moisture and cold air to enter your home. Alternatively, we recommend using plastic clips that are specifically designed for decorating instead.
  • Avoid overloading circuits: You may be tempted by fun decor and bright lights, but it’s important now to go overboard. Avoid the risk of fire damage by only using decor that your circuits can handle.
  • Take caution on the roof: Simply walking across your roof is enough to cause damage to shingles. If you or others are on your roof hanging decorations this holiday season, take caution.
  • Contact a professional: If you aren’t confident in your ability to put up holiday decorations on your own, you can call in a professional to help you out. Professionals will be sure your lights and displays are installed safely and securely!  

Decorations are an awesome way to celebrate—it’s important to use them safely. These few tips will help you avoid issues and decorate safely this holiday season. If you’ve made the mistake of damaging your roof in the past, be sure to contact JW Roofing – your local roofing experts. We’d be happy to come out and handle your roof repair! 

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